My story

I’ll never forget eagerly answering the phone on my first day at Propercorn to be greeted with more angry jargon than my experience could handle, “Alright darling – where are my pallets then? You’re taking the mickey now”. The truth is, I had no idea what a pallet was, let alone where his were.

I was lucky enough to be “Head of Everything-that-nobody-wanted-to-do” – the Operations and Strategy Director – and enjoyed the growth from five to 45 employees, from our field sales team consisting of just our mums to it becoming a nationwide army.

After the four best years of my career, I packed it in to explore the ideas in my notebook, all the while spending time with the most exciting brands in food and drink.

These entrepreneurs, tastemakers, and visionaries are the most inspiring individuals I’ve ever met – however, with passion and creativity coming first in this industry, I saw gaps.

No one is alone in searching barcode requirements for hours, or in not knowing if the cost price is a good deal, or in studying nutritional values until their eyes can’t see them anymore. But everyone feels alone.

So I put away my notebook and decided I would focus on doing everything I can to simplify the complicated and break down the walls between brands. I truly believe that, by coming together, we are creating something more powerful than we could ever achieve alone.

Small brands. Big thinking.

Strength in numbers


  • “It’s high time that the small players in the food industry club together and enable themselves to one day become the big players whilst retaining their passion and dynamism.”
  • “Community is the key to making the UK a global hub for food & drink. Young Foodies is bringing people together, and I love that.”
  • “For once all of the networking opportunities aren’t just for sales or marketing. Being able to bounce ideas off others in the industry is invaluable.”
  • “Absolutely love the idea and am so excited by all the opportunities that lie ahead.”
  • “It’s reassuring that others are in same boat with similar challenges and open to collaboration for mutual benefit.”
  • “Young Foodies is the missing piece in tying together an inspirational community for the benefits of all.”


  • With a background at Vita Coco and The Collective Yoghurts, Bethan is now a finance consultant for small food & drink businesses.
  • Born Social, a social media agency for Davids… not Goliaths, work closely with a number of FMCG brands – they were named the UK’s “Best Medium Agency” last year.
  • PM Consulting, started by Pedro Mendez, supports food & drink brands in everything technical, from food labelling to nutrition and health claims.
  • Taylor Wessing is an international law firm, providing practical and commercial advice. They have a team dedicated to our world.
  • POET is a specialist recruitment company for the more experienced candidates in food & drink.
  • Neue Designs is a London-based, full-servicing design agency specialising in the world of FMCG and retail.

What we offer

Join an inspiring community

Our community is a place for like-minded people to ask questions, share advice and inspire each other. There are plenty of opportunities to connect, from forums and private messaging to sharing stories at an event. We encourage our members to make the most of this community - it's where the most value is shared.

Attend our member events

Whether through classroom training courses, interactive workshops or online webinars, members attend our events to become masters in food and drink.

Access relevant knowledge

We've partnered with a selection of geniuses who know legal, product, finance and all those difficult subjects like the back of their hand. They write regular blogs and publish useful templates on their specialisms so our members can sleep easier at night.

The icing on the cake…

Our community gives us strength in numbers, so we can negotiate member deals from a powerful position. This has allowed us to secure brilliant discounts across all areas of the business such as recruitment, design and legal costs.

Interested in becoming a member?

At the moment, we are only taking on brands in FMCG that have launched in the last 10 years (that’s what we mean by young!) but if that doesn’t apply to you, please stay posted via Facebook and Linkedin so you’re first to see when we expand further.

If you’d like to receive a copy of our membership pack with information on the application process and pricing, please email The next round of brands will be given access from the end of June. In the meantime, if you have any questions, check out our FAQ!